2018 Invitation to Annual Meeting of Friends of Casa Navarro

Friends of Casa Navarro Holds Annual 2018 Meeting

September 22, 2018:  What’s Been Happening And Where We’re Going

What?  Annual Meeting of Friends of Casa Navarro
Come to learn how the Friends of Casa Navarro and Casa Navarro have been participating in San Antonio activities including its Tricentennial and other celebrations.  You’ll be proud and excited with every report as well as what the future holds.

When:  Saturday, September 22, 2018, starting at 10:00 AM

Officer Election:  One of the functions of the annual meeting of the Friends of Casa Navarro is to elect officers for the coming two years.  The Nominating Committee, chaired by Mr. John Tillotson, will place the following slate of candidates before the meeting.

President (Co-Presidents) – Mrs. Sandy Salinas and Mrs. Belinda Gavallos
Vice President – Mr. Sandy Westbrook
Secretary – Mr. Rey Salinas
Treasurer – Mrs. Pat Johnson

Each of these has agreed to serve if the membership elects them.  However, nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting before the election.

Are you coming to the meeting?  Please contact the Vice President, Mr. Sandy Westbrook at (972) 679-4653, of your intentions.  I’ll Be There, or Maybe, or Sorry, but I can’t make it.
Your participation is essential to the continued preservation of Casa Navarro and to the ongoing education associated with the historic location.

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