About Us

FRIENDS OF CASA NAVARRO has been supporting the efforts of the Texas Historical Commission since it was pulled together in 2004.  Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value to members and associates of our organization. Originally formed by Mrs. Sylvia Navarro Tillotson, President Emerita, and a dedicated team of volunteers, the Friends of Casa Navarro organization, as a 501c(3) entity, has been fervent and passionate about ensuring that the legacy of José Antonio Navarro is kept alive through the support of Casa Navarro and many other informational and educational opportunities. We love our Friends (be they descendants or historical buffs) and welcome feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or where we could stand to improve.  Please, no holds barred.  Let us know what you think.

Friends of Casa Navarro Officers, Directors, and Principals

Sandy Salinas – Director/C0-President


Belinda Gavallos – Director/Co-President

Vice President Sandy Westbrook

Sandy Westbrook – Director/Vice President

President Emerita Sylvia Tillotson

Sylvia Navarro Tillotson – President Emerita

Troy Salinas - Treasurer

Troy Salinas – Director/Financial Officer



Rey Salinas – Director/Recording Secretary

Louis Benavides - Director
Carol Cieszinski - Director Relationship Coordinator
Jerry Geyer - Director/Community Outreach

Jerry Geyer – Director/Community Outreach

Rosemary Geyer - Director/Community Outreach

Rosemary Geyer – Director/Community Outreach


Mary Ann Oliver – Director/Recording Journalist

Dolores Tamez - Director
Dolores Tamez – Director/Event Coordinator

Clemmie Rodriguez - Director/Book Presenter

Clemmie Rodriguez – Director/Historical Presenter