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Q: Do you have to be a descendant to become a member of Friends of Casa Navarro?
A: No.  Anyone who values the contributions made by Jose Antonio Navarro, be they descendant or supporter, and desiring to support the Casa Navarro Texas State Historic Site can become a member.

Q: Does one have to live in San Antonio, Texas, to become a member?
A: No.  We have members even from out of the state of Texas.

Q: When are meetings held?
A: There is an annual general membership meeting which is usually held on a Saturday in September or October each year.  Additional interested non-voting persons are encouraged to attend.

Q: Who can become a Director of the Friends organization?
A: Any person can become a Director upon requesting consideration for such a position and when approved by the current Board of Directors.  A Director is expected to become active with the organization and take a participating role toward the improvement of our organization.

Q: What is the fiscal year for the Friends of Casa Navarro?
The fiscal year runs from September 1 through August 31.