Glad You Found Us

We are so glad that you have sought us out.
Our next event is the Annual General Members and Interest Meeting. The schedule is for Saturday, October 8, 2016, at Casa Navarro, 228 S. Laredo Street, San Antonio, 78209.
Please let Sandy Salinas that you are attending.  See her contact information in the original invitation.
Please update your contact information so we can send you a free gift.

Also, please read the very interesting presentation by Dr. Charles Balesi on linking of the country of Corsica to San Antonio, Texas.

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Great, great, great grandson of Jose Antonio Navarro

One thought on “Glad You Found Us”

  1. Has anyone discussed putting together an effort to build a statue to Jose Antonio Navarro similar to the statues of Sam Houston (off I-45 in Huntsville) and Stephen F. Austin (off 288 in Angleton)? I love those two statues, and I think they make good tourist attractions while also providing some history education. There is no doubt that the next most deserving historic figure from the Texas Revolution era is Jose Antonio Navarro! San Antonio is obviously the best location. If there is already a committee working on this project then I would like to help; if there isn’t then we need to start one. Please respond by email.

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